5 Hidden Keys to Success in Kung Fu Panda!

Forget Wall Street or Glengarry Glenn Ross, this is the movie that should be at the top of your inspirational collection! So why do I think so highly of this well disguised children’s movie? Let’s take a look at 5 lessons buried within that you may have missed! Lesson 1: There is no secret ingredient! […]

Thursday Update!

Welcome to the first Thursday Update! When I started writing articles on this site a little over two months ago I did it because I wanted to learn some new skills and habits. I wanted to get better at writing and I wanted to get consistent at writing. I also wanted a place to put […]

You’re Losing Because of HOW You Ask the Question

Give a monkey an apple and you’ve got a happy monkey! Give a monkey two apples, and it’s even happier. Not twice as happy as the first monkey but two is still better than one even in monkey mathematics! Where things get interesting is what happens to the monkey with two apples when you take […]

What’s Holding You Back and How to Push Forward!

I was standing outside the dealership where I worked when I got the call. When I saw the phone number I jumped into the closest new Honda sitting on the lot, closed the door, and answered the phone. It was the real estate broker that represented the building we were trying to lease, the building […]

Why Making More Money Shouldn’t be Your Goal in 2015

Since we’re coming off the New Year I thought this would be a great time to talk about setting goals, and specifically why your goals shouldn’t revolve around making money. A lot of people spend their lives either chasing money or at least wishing they had more of it. As an entrepreneur, many of my […]