The Cheapest Way to Start a Business

There’s a concept in business known as the “opportunity cost”. For those unfamiliar let me explain quickly. The opportunity cost of something is what you are giving up in its place, the next most valuable alternative. For instance, the cost of my college education was the $100,000 I spent on tuition, but the “opportunity cost” […]

Why my Cat Will Never Start a Business

My cat is pretty awesome but I’ve come to the conclusion that she will never have what it takes to start a business. I promise I’m not crazy here, just stick with me on this analogy. Last week she decided to let herself out of our bedroom by jumping up and grabbing the handle. She’s […]

The Best Idea for Starting a Business

I have a section of my computer’s desktop dedicated to small business. There’s a file with over 60 ideas for future articles to write. There’s another file filled with ideas on businesses I want to start in the future. There’s a folder with half-finished concepts and links to things I might find useful someday, even […]

How to Start a Business and Survive!

Starting a business requires a lot of work, both physical and mental. I believe in the planning stages many entrepreneurs underestimate the toll a new business venture will take on them and fail to adequately prepare for that. When we hit major resistance, our lack of knowledge means we flounder and make mistakes or worse, […]

Marsmallows and Soap: Why failure is a great thing!

There’s a great team exercise I heard about years ago. Take teams of 4 people and give them the following items: a regular marshmallow 20 pieces of uncooked spaghetti 36” of string 36” of scotch tape Now give them 18 minutes to build the tallest freestanding structure they can with the marshmallow being on the […]