Who am I?



My name is Robert Summers.

I’m an entrepreneur, writer, and business owner.

Several years ago I quit my job and started my own business. With years of college experience and years of working for other small business owners, I thought starting and running my own business would be a breeze.

Boy was I wrong!

Even with good sales and people skills, a strong knowledge of accounting and legal issues, a marketing background, and the ability to learn quickly, I struggled for years to build a successful company and achieve my goals.

In fact, over 5 years in I still struggle with new issues every day!

I realized I couldn’t be the only one struggling with everything needed to start and grow a business. There must be thousands more people out there trying to figure out how to work less and earn more, we just need to know where to turn for the right advice and experiences!

That’s how SmallBusinessRob got started. Here you will find topics relating to small business start-ups and Mom and Pop style operations, as well as topics relevant to running small businesses and navigating through all the issues they present. Most of the information comes from my own personal experience starting and running a brick and mortar business and working with other successful small business owners.

Please comment on the articles to let me know what topics are most helpful and what topics to avoid in the future.

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